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The SCI Network and Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland (formally Kessler-Adventist) in Rockville, Maryland have formed an alliance with a local wheelchair basketball team. Some of the team members of the newly formed Rolling Knights have been an unofficial farm team for the National Rehabilitation Hospital Ambassadors. Many of the Ambassadors now play with the Knights. Like their mentors, the Ambassadors, the Knights are about more than basketball. Education and community involvement are at the heart of both teams

With new sponsorship from SCI Network and Adventist Rehab Hospital of Maryland of Rockville, Maryland, the Knights now become independent.

The Knights players have a history of public education through exhibition games and Disability Awareness Programs held throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. The Knights are a member of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA). The NWBA was formed in 1946 as a result of wheelchair basketball's popularity among war veterans. The NWBA currently has over 200 teams that comprise six separate divisions: Men's Divisions I, II, and III, Women's, Collegiate and Juniors. Game rules, play and playoff formats are very similar to those of the NCAA." The Knights will begin as a Division III team, but should advance rapidly to Division II.

You need not have an SCI/D to play basketball. Many amputees, for instance, play wheelchair basketball. If you would like to know more about wheelchair basketball or about joining the team, or if you are interested in sponsoring or supporting the Rolling Knights, please click on the comment button or call 301-424-8335

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