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On August 27th, at our annual picnic & barbecue, two season tickets (two tickets to each of the 2005 Redskin home games) will be awarded to the lucky winner of the 25th annual Spinal Cord Injury Network Redskin Season Ticket Raffle. Chances cost $100 each, but only 100 are available. Second through tenth prizes are $200 each. Last year 72 tickets were sold, so each player had about a one-in-seven chance of winning either the season tickets or $200. Tickets are on sale now. Call the office (301-424-8335) or send any related email addressed to: stevetowle@cs.com or leave a comment here.

The grand prizewinner of the 2004 Annual Redskins Season Ticket Raffle last year was long-time Network member Charles Gubish, of Arlington, Virginia. Charles has been a Network supporter and a participant in the raffle for many years.

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