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SCI Network will offer a peer to peer training for people interested in joining the SCI Network’s Peer Program. The training will be held on Saturday, November 12th, from 12 until 3 PM at our office in Rockville. People with SCI and related dysfunction, at all levels, are encouraged to attend. The training will consist of a power point presentation and discussion, and will be presented by current peer mentors.

SCI Network has had peer counseling, or peer mentoring, in one form or another for over forty years; this training will do much to make the program more effective. In the Network’s collective experience, support groups for people with SCI have not been successful. (A support group for spouses/significant others is ongoing; call the office at 301-424-8335 or visit the support groups page on this website for information.)

Our thinking is that people with SCI look for peer support when they are newly injured. As a general rule they then go on with life. Just like many other human beings, they also look for support as issues pop up in life, and leave as the issues are resolved. Both these situations tend to be of short duration, making it difficult to maintain a group for an extended period. Peer mentoring addresses the demonstrated need, and offers the many benefits of shared experience. Please RSVP ASAP for the Peer training on Saturday, November 12th, as we have only twelve spaces available.

The training is free. All Peers are volunteers. Reimbursement for meals and miles will be made on request. Renewed, vigorous communication regarding the enhanced availability of peers began with local (DC, MD, VA) hospitals, rehabs, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes has begun. Assuming we have ten peers ready to go November 12th, we anticipate one or two calls for each peer, per month. Will you be there to take a call? Leave an e-mail comment or call the office at 301-424-8335.

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